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The new hub dedicated to the rogue community of World of Warcraft Classic – TBC.

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Our team is composed of passionate rogue players and TBC lovers who wanted to contribute to this project designed by Sbkzor. This platform aims to deliver high quality information, such as complete guides for PvP, arenas, but also PvE tips and any other input that you will need to be ready for your TBC adventure as a rogue.

Together, we hope to create a community of players who share the same passion.

Rogue Life is a magazine dedicated to TBC Rogues.

Amongst other interesting articles, you can expect news on Classic updates, dissections on the finest points of rogues’ gameplay, entertaining videos and interviews with some of the most iconic rogues of the past decade

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Rogue Legends: Interview with Mir

Mir, Mirlol, Mirzka. For sure a name that remains in most people's memory, be it from old WotLK or Cataclysm times on World of Warcraft, the old Arena Tournament (yes, the good old abyssal wow), or more recently during WoD, and even on TBC private servers such as Warmane and Endless. It's simple, Mir is [...]
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Silent Shadows is designed for rogues by rogues.

Be it talents theorycraft, exotic arena combinations for 2v2 or PvE under microscope, the guide section has it covered. Here is a selection of the finest guides written by our rogue contributors who kindly offered to share their expertise.

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This website aims to cover all rogues’ needs when it comes to theorycraft and gameplay. We are aware that some parts could be improved or analyzed in further detail. We would be grateful if you could share your expertise with our community. Please contact Sbkzor on Silent Shadows’ discord server directly for that.