Rogue Stats Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of all the stats that matter on TBC Classic and what benefits they provide your character. Rogue stat breakdown is key to understanding how gearing works in TBC Classic and how to make your own choices.

Weights & AEP values

Let’s dive deeper into the subject to understand both how the stats are interacting with and their values relative to each other. This guide also gives more details on the system we use to evaluate and compare pieces of gear (AEP values).

Best Rogue Enchants

With Burning Crusade comes a whole set of new enchants that you are going to use. Without surprise, most of them come from enchanting except for head & shoulder (reputation) and legs (leatherworking). We used an AEP comparison to determine the best enchants!

Best Rogue Gems

This guide will help you to make the best choice with a comparison of gems for PVE and PVP as well as some good practices to save you some headache as gemming is a whole game inside the game.

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