What you need to know about Mage/Rogue

Mage/Rogue is probably the most popular double DPS comp. With a solid damage output (insane mage burst options) and heavy control chain, RM always was considered as the best double DPS for 2v2 arenas. Nonetheless, it suffers a lot against multiple top-tier team compositions such as Rogue/Druid or Lock/Druid. For this reason, RM cannot be considered as a Tier 1 combo. Nonetheless, with no doubt, many RM might reach Gladiator ranks, especially in season 1.


πŸ‘ Very good CC synergy
πŸ‘ Nice cross CC possibilities/switch opportunities
πŸ‘ Insane burst phase
πŸ‘ Doesn’t require gear as rogue if good geared mage partner


πŸ‘Ž Weakness vs locks, RD comps, and good discs (tricky vs most of tier 1 combs)
πŸ‘Ž Lack of stats (Stam and haste) in early seasons makes it harder than S4.
πŸ‘Ž Require good synergy for
β†’ CC sharing DR ( Sap/Gouge/Sheep)
β†’ Not breaking nova with melee damages

What are the Mage/Rogue’s Counter comps?

β†’ Human Rogues combs
β†’ Dwarf Disc Priest + Mage/Warlock
β†’ Rogue / Druid
β†’ Lock / Druid
β†’ Lock / Hpala

Optimal Rogue Build for Mage/Rogue

It’s a matter of preference, but the popular shadowstep rogue build is a good pick.
Depending on the season, and the meta, you can also opt for the Shadowstep with Improved EA Build.

Burning Crusade Mage Rogue videos

Here’s a selection of interesting Mage Rogue movies. We mostly picked Rogue POV arena videos.
β›” We do not promote private servers, however, a lot of movies done during the past decade on these servers are the best source of knowledge to get started with TBC Mage Rogue arenas.Β 

In-depth Guide

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