Gearing your rogue requires checking and analyzing each option offered through the different phases of the Burning Crusade expansion. For this reason, at Silent Shadows, we have invited our favorite theorycrafters and PVE addicts to the table. We will be bringing you the best content tailored to help you define your priorities, compare your options, and make your gearing decisions.

The Best-in-slot rogue gear for each phase

Listed below are the different phases planned for Burning Crusade Classic. Blizzard plans to release the content through 5 phases starting with Arena Season 1 (S1) and Tier 4 (T4), then S2/T5 for phase 2, S3/T6 for phase 3, Zul’Aman for phase 4, and S4/Sunwell for phase 5.
We grouped phases 3 & 4 because there are fewer gearing choices to cover with Zul’Aman.

NEW! Phase 3 page is out (work in progress)!

Phase 1
Arena Season 1
Tier 4 (Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Maghteridon's Lair)
Phase 2
Arena Season 2
Tier 5 (Tempest Keep, Serpentshrine Cavern)
Phases 3 & 4
Arena Season 3
Tier 6 (Cavern of Time, Black Temple) + Zul'Aman (P4)
Phase 5 Soon
Arena Season 4
Tier 6.5 (Sunwell Plateau)

Rogue Stats & Optimizations

You may also be interested in rogue stat priorities to understand how we determined our BIS lists for each phase. Make sure to check our guide series written by BigBizzle which includes a complete overview of stat weights, AEP value, and optimizations for your enchants and gems.

Rogue weapons on BC Classic

It is common to come across rogues in Shattrath with different weapons. Some use two swords while others equip a fist weapon on their main hand and a dagger as an off-hand. Others, with a combat spec, use two maces. What is the rationale behind these choices? Do weapons make a difference? Are there weapons better suited for PvE and others for PvP? Let us demystify.

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