Combat Build 2.4.3 Guide

Combat is the best build when considering to maximize one’s DPS output. Having two very powerful offensive cooldowns and weapon specializations for every type of weapon on top of that make picking Combat an absolute no brainer for PvE. This build is pretty straight forward, very fun to play and you could even top the meters if you play your cards right on some fights and the group composition allows it.


Tank! Build 2.4.3 Guide

In this piece, we are going to attempt an answer to one of our favorite questions as a PvE Rogue: Can I tank?
Spoiler alert: the answer is yes! But be warned, you will have to invest a lot in your character and find good teammates. Are you still up for it? Let’s go!


Combat Hemo in raids? By Simonize

The best spec is the one that contributes the most damage to the raid, and that is that. If you are trying to optimize damage dealt to bosses, the popular Combat Expose Armor is the clear winner. If you want to optimize overall damage dealt in a raid counting both boss and trash, 0/40/21 Combat Hemorrhage is worth consideration.


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