General Informations


Name:  Cédric MONPEYSSEN
Nickname: Sbkzor, Saeyonara
Country: France
Age: 32 (born October 29th, 1989)
Gender: Male


Sbkzor is a TBC moviemaker who produced over 50 movies in various classes.
Mostly known for his Rogue arena movies, the man is an old-school PvP addict who always looked for perfection while pushing rogue’s class to its limits. After 10 years of dedication (5 years as rogue) and nearly 2 million views on, he retired from the game with a Farewell movie which highlighted his whole career and talent.

Classic TBC

When Blizzard officially announced the development of a Classic TBC version of the World of Warcraft, he immediately confirmed his motivation to be part of this adn started working on Silent Shadows project. (Two years in the making)

Silent Shadows

Sbkzor is the current Founder and Owner of the website Silent Shadows, in which he wrote multiple guides (PvP) and news (Rogue Life).

Contributions to Silent Shadows

Feral Rogue Arena guide (Alliance)
Rogue PvP Mechanics 1/3: Energy
Rogue PvP Mechanics 2/3: Combo Points
Rogue PvP Mechanics 3/3: DPS Rotation
PVP Off-hands and Poisons Management
Every openers as TBC Hemo rogue
Phase 1: Lazy PVP'er Gearing guide
The ultimate In-depth TBC Stealth Guide
Shadowstep PvP guide
Combat HArP PvP Guide

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