What you need to know about Shadow Priest/Rogue

Shadow Priest / Rogue (also known as SPR) is one of the most emblematic double DPS team compositions of The Burning Crusade. With a solid damage output, a great CC rotation (Fear/Blind/Sap and CS-KS-Silence) as well as offensive/defensive dispelling and passive healing from Spriest DoT’s, this team composition remains as one of the most popular rogue compositions.


👍 Very debutant friendly for rogues)
👍 Generous healing with Spriest’s DoTs
👍 Offensive dispelling is very enjoyable VS other casters and healers
👍 Nice CC synergy
👍 Good damages / nice burst phase


👎 SPriest’s lack of mobility
👎 SPriest is heavily dependant on his rogue (for peeling, or damages)
👎 Mana fights never are in SPriest’s favor

What are the Spriest/Rogue’s Counter comps?

→ Ret/Rsham
→ Rogue Mage
→ Good Priest/Mage
→ Good Rogue Warlock
→ Dwarf Disc + Caster

Optimal Rogue Build for Spriest/Rogue

It’s a matter of preference, but the popular shadowstep rogue build is a good pick.
Depending on the season, and the meta, you can also opt for the Shadowstep with Improved EA Build.

Burning Crusade Spriest Rogue videos

Here’s a selection of interesting Spriest Rogue movies.
⛔ We do not promote private servers, however, a lot of movies done during the past decade on these servers are the best source of knowledge to get started with TBC Spriest Rogue arenas. 

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