What you need to know about Rdruid/Rogue

The famous Druid / Rogue combo is one of the strongest team compositions that you can meet in the arenas of Burning Crusade Classic. It can beat everything and can survive everything. It offers a lot of possibilities to recover and both classes have a great synergy.


👍 Relatively safe comp
👍 Good survivability due to : poison abolish (great against Disc/Rogue teams)
👍 Nice Mobility (Crippling abolish + nice cc on Warr by druid)
👍 Good healing variety (Casts, HoTs, NS)
👍 Good DPS assistance from Druid
👍 Top general CC (cyclone, root, bash, NS sleep etc


👎 Human rogue opponents with top openers are very dangerous. (Feral Rogue, or Rogue Disc, etc.)

What are the RD Counter comps?

– Human rogue teams with a good opener
– Hunter/Druid

Optimal Rogue Build for Rdruid/Rogue

It’s a matter of preference, but the popular shadowstep rogue build is a good pick.
Depending on the season, and the meta, you can also opt for the Shadowstep with Improved EA Build.

Burning Crusade Druid Rogue videos

Here’s a selection of interesting RD movies. We picked only Rogue POV arena videos.
⛔ We do not promote private servers, however, a lot of movies done during the past decade on these servers are the best source of knowledge to get started with TBC Rogue Druid arenas. 

In-depth Guide

Interested by writing a guide? Please contact Sbkzor on Discord.

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