Steamvaults is one of the best-instanced farms for rogues because of the many resources within. Steamvaults contains Chests, Pick Pockettable Mobs, Mining Nodes, Herbalism Nodes, and a Gas Cloud (for Engineers). Your professions are going to determine what you focus on farming inside Steamvaults.

Personally, my main rogue is a Leatherworker and Engineer, so the way I do Steamvaults is I focus on the chest, pickpocket, and the gas cloud. To maximize GPH (Gold Per Hour) in Steamvaults the absolute best professions would be Mining/Engineering, but if you just have one or the other, Steamvaults is still quite lucrative. However, if you are not a Miner or Engineer, I think your time is best spent farming elsewhere. With Just Engineering you can expect about 120g per 5 runs (5 runs takes about 25ish minutes). With just mining, you can expect about 150g per 5 runs. With both, you can expect about 180-200g per 5 runs.

Useful Items to Bring while Farming SV:

I recommend cleaning out your bags of anything unnecessary, to allow for as much room for loot and lockboxes before you head to SV. Also make sure to grab your Azure Silk Belt. This gives an additional +15% move speed boost while swimming. This will speed up our farm since we have to swim a long way in the water during chest pulls. I would also recommend bringing bandages, food, poisons (instant and crippling) and pots in case you get into a sticky situation. 

My rogue is an engineer so I always bring my Rocket boots. These help me make it to the reset spot while Picking pockets, and also make it back to the chests ASAP, these are not required, just helpful to have. I also bring my Nigh Invulnerability Belt, this can help you absorb a few hits in case you get a pickpocket resist, again not required, just useful.

Gold per hours (GPH) Breakdown

Chests (13g ish Per run)

You are Guaranteed 1x Chest Per Steamvaults run (or 5x per Hour/Lockout). Each Chests Contains:

– 6-7g Raw
– 1x BoE Green (on average worth about 5g after Disenchant)
– Assortments of HP/Mana Pots, and Scrolls (Agi/STR Scrolls add another 5g per)
– Small % Chance at a Gem or BoE 

Gas Cloud (about 6g per run)

There is a guaranteed Gas Cloud each run, that gives 3-5 motes of water. It Spawns on the right side of the room that Mekgineer Steamrigger is in. The Gas cloud always spawns in the same spot, then it slowly moves around the room. Only thing to note here is if your run takes too long (Like 10+ Minutes) then the Gas Cloud will move too close to the Mind-goblins, and you will no longer be able to safely get it.

Mining (About 8g worth of Ore per Run)

Each SV run for miners you can expect about 2 adamantite nodes and 2 fel iron nodes, all of these have the chance to spawn as a khorium. There will always be 2 node spawns in the first room with the Boglords, depending on the spawns you may only be able to get one of these, and there will always be 2 spawns in the room with Mekingeer Steamrigger, these can always both be mined. A single lockout is usually 6-8 fel iron, and 4- 8 adamantite, with a chance at Khorium (*credit Subby from the Rogue Discord).

Here is a short video explaining the Mining Nodes and showing how to get the trickiest one:


While there are Herbs in Steamvaults, they are not super profitable, so I am not going to talk about them. If you do happen to have herbalism you might as well grab all the nodes you can along the way

Pick-pocketing (not factored into GPH, I count PP as bonus gold)

The amount of gold you make pickpocketing is going to depend on RNG, and the amount of pickpocketing you are able to incorporate into the run.
Each Mob you PP gives about 5-10s Raw, and then you get a chance at lockboxes and Gems, personally I have got a ton of living rubies from PP, so try and add as much PP as you can to the run without waiting around on Vanish Cooldowns. If I have Vanish and Prep up I will PP everything until I get resist, then I will vanish and save my Prep>Vanish for the chest.

– The Nodes with a Red X can NOT safely be grabbed with only 1 account.
– Here is a short video explaining the different Node Spawns, also the Node Spawn in the picture above with the green mark IS obtainable but it is a little tricky. The video below shows how to grab it:

Steamvault BC – Rogue Chest Farm (Full run) 

Here is a Video of me doing all 5 of my lockouts to give you an idea of what a full session looks like (Keep in mind I have Engineering and Not Mining). Also If you do not have 2 accounts the best way to reset the instance is to just run out and reset, it only adds 1-2 minutes to the run:

Here is a second full run I did (it contains the 3 chest spawns): 

Steamvault Chest Rogue Farm Clips

Chest 1 (Hardest)

Chest 2 (Pretty easy)

Chest 3 (Easiest)

The third chest is the easiest one, and you have a couple ways to get it. If your gear is not great you can throw-Pull and swim around as shown in the “Chest 3” clip above.
Alternatively, it is a little quicker to sap 1 guard, kill the other, vanish resap, and open chest, as shown here:

You can also get this chest without having a vanish by utilizing crippling poison kiting to kill both guards. We sap 1 Guard, kill the other, then crippling kite the other to death. Doing it this way allows you to utilize the vanish CD to pickpocket more instead of blowing it on chest: 

Part 1:
Part 2:

Pickpocketing expanded

You can add as much or as little pickpocketing to your run as you’d like. Some people like to speed run through and skip all PP, some people will wait on Vanish cooldowns and PP every single mob. My personal philosophy on PPing in SV is I view any PPing I get off as a bonus. I basically only PP on my first run (when I have Vanish and Prep up), I PP everything on that first run until I get a resist, then I blow my vanish and Prep so I have Vanish back for the chest. After that 1st run I only ever Pickpocket the 3 packs near the reset spot (vanish not needed) or If I happen to have both Vanish and Prep up I will repeat what I do on the first run (PP until resist). 

If you get the chest guarded by the 2 Myrmidons, you also don’t need your vanish to get the chest if you are decently geared, since you can just kill them both.

So once I notice I have the 2x Guard Chest spawn I will PP everything until I get a resist and blow my 1 vanish on a pickpocket resist instead, since I do not need vanish to grab the chest.

 With this strat you are only ever pickpocketing when you are near a reset spot, or have a Vanish readily available, and you also do not have to wait around for Vanish CDs or anything, with this method you still manage to PP a good amount of mobs. I normally hit my lockouts between 25-30 min when doing this.

Pickpocket Reset Spots

As long as you have some type of move speed boost (sprint/Rocket Boots) you can pretty safely pickpocket the couple of packs near these 2 reset spots, examples below:

Reset spot 1 [Example1]

Reset spot 1 [Example2]

Reset spot 2 [example1]

Why Does my Vanish Never Work?!?

Sometimes when you get a pickpocket resist mobs will attack you through your vanish. The reason this happens is that you vanish too soon, and the mobs are on top of your hitbox which makes your vanish not work, or they are mid-swing and you vanish and get immediately hit out of stealth. The way we stop this from happening is by creating some space between ourselves and the mobs before vanishing, the easiest way to do this is to use Sprint as soon as you see a resist, once you are a few yards away from the mob then you can safely Vanish. If your sprint is on CD you can create some space with a gouge, blind, a quick SS>1 point kidney, or by throwing a Grenade and stunning the mobs. Once some space has been created Vanish should always work.

This macro allows you to just spam click it to unlock and open all the junk boxes you get from pickpocketing in Steamvaults:

/cast Pick Lock
/use Strong Junkbox
/use Strong Junkbox

Now, everything should be covered, so get into Steamvaults and start picking some pockets, and yoinking some chests. If you have any questions or if anything is unclear please shoot me a DM on the Rogue Discord If you appreciate the guide consider throwing my stream a follow
I stream from time to time mostly gold farming, I can do live gold farming Q&As if anyone is struggling with a certain aspect.

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