What you need to know about Feral/Rogue

Feral Rogue isn’t the most popular comps. This combo requires gear and experience (individual skill) from both players to be played at its best potential. However, this comp got the interest of a lot of content creators (Uzb, Sbkzor, Wuehgros) and that’s why our resources contain a lot of videos.


👍 Nice surprise effect
👍 Insane burst synergy in short timings.
→ Once feral has 4/5 s4 & 4/8T6 + t6.5 jewel necklace he can outburst anything.
👍 Good CC variety: stuns, roots, disorients, etc.
👍 Feral has massive armor in bear form which makes it very tanky.
👍 Good healing assistance from the feral
👍 Poison abolish
👍 Rogue is buffing Feral’s damages with hemo/expose
👍 Rogue is buffed by the +5% critical strike aura from the Feral
👍 Faerie Fires makes the fight comfier in certain match-ups like RD/RM


👎 RNG: all kind of resistance (stuns and CC) is an opportunity to lose
👎 Feral lacks damage in early seasons due to the bad stats optimization (bad gear option):
→ low mana (powershifting/healing is complicated)
→ low damage (s1, s2 gives healing bonus instead of critical strike)
👎 Requires to ditch resilience for more PvE stats to be more efficient.
👎 Long fight is not in favor of Feral due to his mana (which affects his CC and Damages)

What are the Feral/Rogue’s Counter comps?

→ Double casters (SPM, Alliance PM)
→ Double DPS (RM or SPR)
→ Dwarf Disc/ Human Rogue

Optimal Rogue Build for Feral/Rogue

It’s a matter of preference, but the popular shadowstep rogue build is a good pick.
Depending on the season, and the meta, you can also opt for the Shadowstep with Improved EA Build.

Burning Crusade Feral Rogue videos

Here’s a selection of interesting Feral Rogue movies. We mostly picked Rogue POV arena videos.
⛔ We do not promote private servers, however, a lot of movies done during the past decade on these servers are the best source of knowledge to get started with TBC Feral Rogue arenas. 

In-depth Guide

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