What you need to know about Disc/Rogue

Disc/Rogue is one of the best Classic TBC arena combo and one of the most popular teams in 2v2 ladders. This is also one of the rogue’s favorite. Having a defensive dispeller on your side is the best thing that can happen to a PvP rogue. It allows you to get rid of most of the complex situations: magic root and snare effects such as mage’s nova and druid’s root, but also the very annoying Faerie Fire. This means that you can optimize the use of your Cloak of shadows/Vanish/PVP trinkets, which are your best cooldowns.


πŸ‘ Magic dispels (offensive / defensive)
β†’ Very useful against controls such as Sheep, Fear, Roots, but also Faerie Fires and DoTs,
β†’ Important against opponent’s Shield, Buffs & HoTs.
πŸ‘ Good DPS assistance from the priest (Smite, Mind Blast, SW:D)
πŸ‘ Good CC synergy (Fear, KS, blind, sap)
πŸ‘ Good Mobility vs casters (dispel def vs. frost mage, druid roots, locks, etc.)
πŸ‘ Many opportunities to reset/regen (quite easy for debutant)
β†’ double Fear / LOS Re-stealth / Sap X + CS-KS Y to allow Priest to drink…


πŸ‘ŽΒ Hard to master for a debutant (alternate defensive/offensive phases etc.)
πŸ‘Ž Weakness vs mana drain (Hunters)
πŸ‘Ž Some weakness vs. dual melee comps (especially if not Dwarf – Dwarve’s StoneForm is a top racial)
πŸ‘Ž Longer games in certain match-ups vs other healers/DPS.

What are the DPR Counter comps?

DPR has no real counters. But it suffers a lot against mana drainers comps such as Hunter/Druid, Hunter/Priest, or even Hunter/HPaladin.
It mostly depends on the rogue/priest XP but it was common to see DPR having a 100% win rate on competitive TR servers such as Arena-Tournament, back in 2010.

Optimal Rogue Build for Disc/Rogue

It’s a matter of preference, but the popular shadowstep rogue build is a good pick.
Depending on the season, and the meta, you can also opt for the Shadowstep with Improved EA Build.

Burning Crusade Disc Rogue videos

Here’s a selection of interesting DPR movies. We picked only Rogue POV arena videos.
β›” We do not promote private servers, however, a lot of movies done during the past decade on these servers are the best source of knowledge to get started with TBC Disc Rogue arenas.Β 

Burning Crusade Disc Rogue videos

Here’s a selection of interesting DPR movies. We picked only videos containing Rogue POV arenas.

In-depth Guide

Deadlycoward kindly accepted to write a complete Disc/Rogue strategy guide with 20 detailed match-ups. You can find him on our discord with the same name if you look for more details.

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