Mutilate 2.4.3 Guide

The shadowstep specialization might be the most popular talent tree of PvP rogues on The Burning Crusade, but the mutilate build also offers excellent gameplay experience for those who know how to use it. Due to its extreme difficulty to master in arena, this specialization has almost become extinct. In this guide, we discover together the nuts and bolts of this specialization that is not as widespread as it should be.

Shadowstep 2.4.3 Guide

We can easily say that Shadowstep build is a top tier specialization to play, which also makes it extremely popular. In addition to offering plenty of mobility, it also provides the player with numerous cooldowns which can be used defensively or offensively, significant crowd control and some of the most powerful damage in The Burning Crusade PvP environment.

Combat HArP 2.4.3 Guide

Combat rogue remains as one of the sickest TBC Rogue specializations cherished by many retail veterans that played TBC back in the days. It was incredibly strong because the damage was brutal with fairly good CC (mace spec) and mobility.

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