A well played rogue can ALWAYS do some things to counter what the opponent is doing. Even if you're facing a hard counter, a well played rogue can work around it. When you have this much experience, as i have on the rogue class, it's a massive factor in being able to do the things which helps counter your hard counter.
SK Xom
A lot of players who never played before WOTLK have no understanding of this game or its potential depth. They are told that 3v3 arena is all that matters in understanding skill and they follow this idea pretty blindly.
Rogue are very much duelists and combo heavy. There's many different combo and variations of the same combo, and interesting mechanical exploits, which gives each rogue player a lot of freedom to choose what sequence to use at any given times.
SK Neilyo

Our PvP Guides

At Silent Shadows, we believe that in order to succeed in arenas or PvP in general, one must master the fundamentals of the rogue class. Basic mechanics from stealth and detection to weapon swaps and poison management are capable to distinguish an excellent rogue from a merely decent one. In this section, we want to provide you with everything you might need to come as prepared as possible for all PvP environments.

Every Subtlety Rogue openers on TBC
The Ultimate In-Depth TBC Stealth Guide
PVP Off-hands and Poisons Management on TBC
Burning Crusade Rogue Diminishing Return List

Arena Strategies

This section aims to introduce you to a list of every 2v2 rogue combos, from top tier to more “exotic ones”. We’ll give strengths, weaknesses, and counters for each combination, so you can find what fits best to your playstyle and preferences. Please note that for all combinations refer to the popular Shadowstep (SHS) spec which the rogue must play. In The Burning Crusade, this is the most viable talent build for arenas, though there are some more challenging alternatives to that. Each combination described here is accompanied by deep TBC Arena guides written by the current most experienced PvP rogues in their respective set-ups, who kindly agreed to share their expertise with SilentShadows.net

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Classic TBC 2.4.3 Arena Point Calculator

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