Keep grinding and looking to improve is the ONLY way to improve
Find whatever works for you in order for you to improve, it doesn’t have to be what someone else does.
You can take advice from other people but you gotta recognize and find what works for yourself.
Mir (2021)
Find people who you enjoy playing with and research what other players are doing to improve yourself.
KaliMist (2020)
Rogue are very much duelists and combo heavy. There's many different combo and variations of the same combo, and interesting mechanical exploits, which gives each rogue player a lot of freedom to choose what sequence to use at any given times
Neilyo (2018)

This section aims to introduce you to a list of every 2v2 rogue combos, from top tier to more “exotic ones”. We’ll give strengths, weaknesses, and counters for each combination, so you can find what fits best to your playstyle and preferences. Please note that for all combinations refer to the popular Shadowstep (SHS) spec which the rogue must play (discover the TOP 5 Reasons why you must play Shadowstep in arenas). In The Burning Crusade, this is the most viable talent build for arenas, though there are some more challenging alternatives to that.

If you are a beginner in arenas, or more generally in WoW PvP, make sure to read this article covering the fundamental skills of PvP linked below.


Each combination described here is accompanied by deep TBC Arena guides written by the current most experienced PvP rogues in their respective set-ups, who kindly agreed to share their expertise with

TIER 1 Combos

The top of the list when it comes to playing 2v2 arenas as a rogue is naturally made of healer/DPS team compositions. Why’s that? Because playing with a healer often allows more recovery solutions in terms of survivability (bad openers, bad RNG such as miss Blind or Kidney, or your partner’s CC). The rogue can switch most of his cooldown and abilities to “defensive mode” and wait for the team to recover from the mistake before restarting to play offensively.
Read our article about the best combos to start arenas if you want to dive deeper into this topic.

Discipline Priest/Rogue

TIER 2 Combos

The tier 2 comps listed below are the most solid double DPS in the game, but they’re harder to manage until the highest ranks. Your path playing these team compositions will be filled with hard counters and that’s why they aren’t listed in the top tier list.) Rogue Mage is extremely popular especially in the early Phase, but only consistent mage rogue teams will make it to the top of the ladder. Rogue/SP is a very debutant-friendly double DPS team, and Rogue/Warlock has a lot to bring on the table but is less popular.

Frost Mage/Rogue
Shadow Priest/Rogue
SL Warlock/Rogue

TIER 3 Combos

The tier 3 comps are quite rare and require a lot of individual skill as well as synergy, and gearing optimization, to be played at their best potential. They are solid and turn out really well when played by experienced players, but they need a lot of effort, practice, and discipline to be mastered. For these reasons, those team compositions are naturally the less optimal picks for the average player base looking for starting in arenas.

Feral Druid/Rogue
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