How to gear your rogue on Burning Crusade Classic – Phase 2?


On this page, we covered multiple aspects of the gearing process for your rogue during Phase 2. You will find 2 different guides, depending on what you look for :

– PVE Gearing BIS with two major alternatives – NEW!
– PVP Gearing BIS with different options depending on the meta (belt/detection etc.) – SOON

This article shows you what we consider as the best setup for your rogue in Phase 2 of The Burning Crusade Classic raids, but keep in mind that even if there is always one BIS list, some items might be hard to get. No worries, Phase 2 also offers good alternatives.

Guide by Bigbizzle

Watch our 3D Video about the Phase 2 BIS!

Looking for a PVP BIS List?

We plan to release a BIS list for PVP as well.
While waiting for more guides, make sure to watch the video(s) below. 👇

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