Leveling in Outland

Ready to go through the Dark Portal? Now, it’s time for you to level up and in this guide, we tried to cover the whole thing, be it the leveling specialization (dungeon leveling vs outdoor questing), the gearing process during your leveling, reputations farm, or attunements, etc. This article is a compilation of inputs coming from seven community rogue players. Thanks to Bigbizzle, Zatar, Simon, Biosparks, Sarthe, Mir, and Sbkzor.

Phase 1 Pre-BIS

This guide will be updated as soon as possible. It is one of our first guide, apologies for the inconvenience

Phase 1 BIS

Phase 1 gearing is filled with a ton of options and in this guide, Simonize offers a clear list of every piece of gear you’ll need to be optimized.

Phase 1 weapon options

In phase 1 of The Burning Crusade Classic, there are many different weapon options for rogues that are all very very close in power level. You can pick whichever one of these options you want and you will be totally fine. For main hand weapons Dragonmaw, Gladiator’s Slicer, Blinkstrike, Spiteblade, and Hope Ender are all fine weapon choices.

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