The Burning Crusade brought changes to stats and attributes with a new combat rating system that converts old percentage stats (like Critical strike and Hit) into rating, as well as some new stats added or more widely spread like haste, armor penetration, and expertise. Here is a breakdown of all the stats that matter to rogue, and what they actually give to your character. This is a necessary step to properly understand how gearing your rogue works in TBC Classic and make your own choices.

The essential

Here is a list of what the stats are essentially meaning, and for more detail see the complete sections below:

14 attack power = 1 DPS on your main hand, 0.5 DPS on your offhand, and abilities damage
1 Strength = 1 attack power
40 agility is 40 AP + 1% crit + 2% dodge + 80 armor

22,1 critical strike rating = 1% critical chance
15,8 hit rating = 1% hit chance
16 expertise rating = 4 expertise score = 1% less dodge/parry chances

15,77 haste rating = 1% haste
Armor Penetration (ArP) ignores the opponent’s armor and gets better when you get more and against low armor targets.

1 stamina = 10 health
39,4 resilience give you :
-1% crit chance / -1% Dot damage
-2% crit damage / -2% mana drain

Stats in-depth review

Attack table

Before talking about stats, let’s talk briefly about the attack mechanics, to help you understand the importance of those stats.
Basically, when you’re attacking with your white hit, there are three steps :

Step 1: All calculations on your base damage (attack power/talents … )

Step 2: Roll on an attack table, which results in your attack being either : 

– Miss
– Dodge
– Parry (not if behind the target)
– Block (only against a target with shield and some boss)
– Glance (-25% damage reduction against bosses)
– Crit (+100% bonus damage without any modifier)
– Normal Hit

Step 3: Armor reduction (your poisons, bleeds, and envenom ignore target armor)

Note that it is the same for yellow hits (abilities) except they cannot glance, and also few of our damage ignores armor (poisons, envenom & bleeding effects: rupture and garotte).

For more information on this topic: Metalfang wrote a very nice in-depth guide about attack table, hit & expertise.

Attack power is a direct increase for your white hit (auto-attacks) & yellow hit (abilities).

On weapon damage

The formula to calculate weapon damage is the following :
weapon damage = base weapon damage + (AP/14)*weapon speed

This gives us :

– 1 DPS on your main hand per 14 points Attack Power.
– 0.5 DPS on your off hand per 14 points Attack Power
(This includes the 50% penalty on damage from off-hand, if you’ve got dual wield specialisation it will be 0.75 DPS per 14 attack power).

On abilities 

Eviscerate: total damage = base damage + AP * 3% * number of combo point (CP)
Rupture: total damage = base damage + percentage of AP based on number of CP:
      (1CP : 1% / 2CP : 2% / 3CP : 3% / 4CP : 3% / 5CP : 3% )
Sinister strike : total damage = weapon damage + ability base damage + AP/5.8

Note that 1 strength gives 1 AP for rogue, but in The Burning Crusade you will almost never have any strength on you gear in comparison to Vanilla.

Hit rating

Hit rating is reducing the number of misses you get, each 1% hit directly means you get 1% less miss thus getting more normal hits.

15,8 hit rating = 1% hit chance 

Against level 70 target you need:
– 5% hit chance to not miss your yellow hit
– 25% hit chance to not miss your white hit (due to dual wielding)

Against level 73 (boss level) target you need:
– 9% hit chance to not miss your yellow hit
– 28% hit chance to not miss your white hit

Expertise rating

Expertise rating is quite similar to hit rating.

Expertise rating gives you an expertise score which translates to reducing the chances of getting dodges or parry. It results in you getting more normal hits.
(note that human racial trait gives you directly +5 expertise score with maces and swords, and weapon expertise talent: +10).

16 expertise rating = 4 expertise score = 1% less dodge/parry chances

A level 73 boss has 6.5% of dodges, which means you need 26 expertise score to avoid those dodges (20 expertise score for player or lvl 70 mob).

Critical strike rating 

Without any talent, Critical Strike gives a bonus of 100% damage, and we’ve got various talent that adds up to that bonus.

22,1 critical strike rating = 1% critical chance

Note : Since for white hits, only normal hits can crit and not glancing blows, in WoW Classic we were very careful about crit cap due to the combination of having a lot less hit and World Buff that added a ton of critical chance. On TBC Classic you will never have the same issue.


Agility is your main primary stat and gives you a combination of Attack Power, Critical Strike, Armor and Dodge.

1 agility is 1 attack power + 0.025% crit chance + 0.05% dodges chances + 2 armor
or 40 agility is 40 AP + 1% crit + 2% dodge + 80 armor

This does not take into account any talent nor blessing of kings.

Haste rating

Haste rating gives you haste which increases the speed of your melee swing.
This is a really good stats for rogue, melee hit being the main source of damages and we do get a lot of procs from those melee hits.

15,8 haste rating = 1% haste

Haste is present on the gear on the later tier of The Burning Crusade. On the early tier you will only get some from trinket (DragonSpine Trophy or Kiss of the Spider) as well as mongoose proc.


Armor penetration (Arp)

Armor penetration basically allows your attacks to ignore the target’s armor and gain exponential value until your attack ignores all the target armor. Since we cannot give you a simple formula, let’s take an example to show how much the armor penetration gains more and more value when you stack it. Bear in mind that its value really depends on the target’s armor.

In this example, we will attack a 6k2 armor boss. Now with the most common debuffs, his armor ends up being 1765 (Curse of Recklessness -800, Expose Armor -3025, Faerie Fire -610). Now let’s add some Arp and see the result :

– 600 Arp is a 5.12% damage increase
– 1200 Arp is 10.79% meaning those additional 600 Arp bring you +5,64%
– 1765 Arp is 16,72%  meaning those additional 565 Arp bring you +5,93%                                      

But if you were attacking a 7700 armor boss, those 1765 Arp would give you only a 10,7% damage increase.
We have a complete guide about  Armor penetration here!


As for Armor penetration, there isn’t a simple formula to give you since damage reduction from armor isn’t linear, but you should just know that Armor isn’t a stat that you will ever focus on and you will just get more armor as your get higher-level items.



Stamina gives health points, which is important for your survivability both in PVP & PVE but except in early gearing where there is a lot of item without any stamina, you will not focus too much later on since every piece will get you more and more stamina as you progress.

1 stamina = 10 health 


Resilience rating

Resilience is the new PVP stat introduced in The Burning Crusade. It reduces the damages of critical strikes and damage over time effect (DoT), as well as mana drain effects, and chances of being crit.

39,4 resilience give you :
-1% crit chance / -1% Dot damage
-2% crit damage / -2% mana drain

We also encourage you to read the Stats weight & AEP (Attack Power Equivalent Point) guide which will present you the system we use to compare gear pieces throughout our gearing guides as well as deeper knowledge about stats interaction.

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