Classic TBC Phase 1 Best-in-slot List for Rogue


This BiS-list is with the assumption that both Goggles from Engineering, and Relentless Earthstorm Diamond are available upon release. (But don’t worry, we give alternatives later on, and will update this guide accordingly when we will get more information)
Furthermore, this list is the best in slot for a Raiding rogue, under the assumption that a proper raid-setup is given.

With this setup (Without alternatives), you’ll be at 293 Hit (23,6%), which means you’ll only be 3 hit under cap, with Spicy Talbuk Steak (316 is the cap in a raid environment), while having the maximum amount of AP available.

The reasoning for not having Dragonmaw (not even as an alternative), is the fact that it gets out scaled by season 2 weapon and Talon of Azshara (Dragonstrike included), and giving up the raw stats, and Sword Specialization is not worth the haste-proc, from experience.
On paper, it is better than the S1 weapon, but the margin is so small that having access to the goggles gives it an overall edge, instead of going Blacksmithing. (You also get access to Gnomish Battle Chicken (5% haste buff proc))

An alternative that is not listed, is Spinesever, which is a BoE world drop, from pickpocketing mobs. This is on par with Marksman’s Bow/Veteran’s Musket, but is very rare, and hard to get. Due to that, it has been left out of this list.

The List

Best in Slot rogue Gear TBC Phase 1

Ranged: Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix
Main Hand: Gladiator’s Slicer/If not a PvP’er, Hope Ender (Doom Lord Kazzak) / If no Hope Ender, Spiteblade
Off Hand: Gladiator’s Quickblade / If not a PvP’er, Latro’s Shifting Sword

This is the cream of the crop, when it comes to being Best in Slot geared in T4 content.

Phase 1 rogue BIS Gear TBC Classic

FAQ : What about going for 2 Wastewalker gear parts?
You could substitute Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless with Wastewalker Shoulderpads, and Grips of Deftness for Wastewalker Hands, for the 2-set bonus. This would allow you easier access to hit, but would leave you at lower AP.
At the end of the day, you’ll build your opinion by practicing.

Classic TBC Phase 1 Alternative to Best-in-slot for Rogue

The gear

A few tweaks can be done, if not all items are obtainable, such as:

Head: Swapping out the goggles for Netherblade Facemask, if you’d rather go a different profession than engineering (or if not available during P1). This will be a lesser option, but not massively so.
Neck: If you’re not willing to farm 25 badges of justice, Worgen Claw Necklace is a very good alternative (drops from Attumen the Huntsman), as it is only 1 hit less.
Shoulders: The only notable alternative is Netherblade Shoulderpads, since you only lose 3 hit from the socket bonus, 21 critical strike, and 6 AP. You do however gain 20 Agi.
Back: The only real alternative to this, is Vengeance Wrap, which is expensive, and overall not worth it. You will lose 24 Agility, and 17 hit. You gain crit, and that’s about it. The loss of Agility, means an overall loss of AP.
Chest: For the chest piece, you have 2 alternatives to the Doomwalker Chest. The first one being Netherblade Chestpiece.
By using this piece, you’re going to have an overall stat difference of -24 AP, +35 Agility, and -10 hit.
Second option is Chestguard of the Conniver. By using this option, you’re going to lose 3 Sockets (24 hit), gain 37 agility, gain 1 hit, and lose 6 AP.
Bracers: The only option that isn’t completely terrible is the Season 1 General’s Leather Bracers, which will yield you an overall loss of 5 Agi, 29 Ap. It will however gain you 7 crit rating, and 1 socket (8 hit).
Hands: The only alternative to Grips of the Deftness, is Fel Leather Gloves. If you are severely lacking hit rating, you’re going to want to use Fel Leather Gloves, until your hit rating gets on par, and then you can switch.
Belt: There are two decent alternatives, the first one being Gronn-stitched Girdle, which will result in only a loss of: 28 Agi, 20 Hit. It will however give you 25 Crit rating, 16 AP and 2 sockets. (16 hit) Resulting in an overall of: 40 AP loss, 4 hit Loss, and 25 crit rating gain. The second option is Girdle of Treachery, which will result in only a loss of: 10 Agi, 20 Hit, but gain 2 sockets (16 hit), 2 AP, resulting in an overall of: 10 agi loss, 4 hit loss, and 2 AP gain.
Legs: The only real option here is Wastewalker Leggings. However, this requires you having 2-set bonus, so they would only be considered, if you had Wastewalker Shoulders as well, and no Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless.
Boots: Edgewalker Longboots is going to be your best in slot boots for a looooong time. They will only be replaced by the boots from Mother in Black Temple. However, if you’re unable to get your hands on these boots, Fel Leather Boots is a fine enough alternative. By using Fel Leather Boots, you’re going to lose 29 Agi, 4 Ap, gain 12 hit, and 17 Crit.
Rings: If you’re not able to get a hold of 2 of the 3 listed, a fine alternative is the Shaffar’s Band of Brutality. Although being overall worse, it’s a good alternative.


Dragonspine Trophy (often called DST) will never be replaced. You’ll be wearing this trinket, till TBC is over

For the second trinket, you have two options.

– The first one being Romulo’s Poison Vial. You only want to use this, if you’re way below hit cap.
– The other option is Hourglass of the Unraveller.

The ideal setup is having Bloodlust Brooch, using the on-use with all of your CD’s, waiting for the duration to end and vanish-swapping trinkets to either of the 2 listed here

This can be done via a macro:

#showtooltip Vanish
/cast vanish
/equipslot 14 [Insert Trinket Name]

This macro will swap the first trinket-slot, for the desired trinket


Ranged: You have 2 alternatives here:

– The first one being Thrallmar/Honor Hold Exalted (Markman’s Bow/Veteran’s Musket). If you’re lacking hit, this will be the perfect option for you.
– The second option is Steelhawk Crossbow is a decent alternative to Marksman’s Bow/Veteran’s Musket, as it gives 5 more hit, but loses you AP+Crit.

Main hand: If you are not a PvP’er and can’t get your hands on the PvP weapons, there are 3 options.

– The first one being Hope Ender from Doom Lord Kazzak. You will lose Hit, crit and weapon damage, but gain a lot of AP.
– The second option being the Blacksmithing mace Dragonmaw, which has a very good on-hit effect of 212 Haste. However, you lose the sword specialization talent and the raw stats from the other items. (AP, Agi, Hit, Crit)
– The third option is Spiteblade, which is a very good filler weapon until you can get either Gladiator’s Slicer or Hope Ender.

Off hand: If you are not a PvP’er and can’t get your hands on the PvP weapons, there are 2 options.

– The first one being Latro’s Shifting Sword, since expertise is very hard to come by, and quite valuable. The weapon speed is also 1.4, which is very good for Combat Potency Proccs, and poison proccs.
– Second option is Blazeguard from Blacksmithing, which is a fine alternative, but will be a loss of a lot of AP, and weapon speed, as it’s a 1.6 speed weapon. You will however gain 17 hit.

Like with the PvE list, items can be alternated around. Generally, the same alternatives apply, with the exception of main-pieces.

With the above set, you’re going to be at roughly 7% hit, which is 2% over cap, but allows you to stick to the pesky frost mages, with the Artic winds talent.

Alternatively to this list, you can go for the more aggressive route, which gives you more damage, but a lot less survivability.
By doing this, you swap Chest, Wrist and Waist for Primalstrike, which means you’ll lose the 4-set bonus of 10 energy, and some Resilience, but gain a buttload of attack power.