On Saturday 15th of May 2021, the world’s famous Chinese e-sport champion PDD hosted an invitational tournament. Most of the competitors who were invited were players from China as well as the two finalist teams of the Asmongold Invitational Tournament.

Tournament organization

Burning Crusade Classic is not even live and the hype for the expansion is already extremely high. This Saturday, at 14:00 (EU), a second tournament took place on the Beta, hosted by PDD, the world-famous League of Legends player – boasting a massive $8000 prize pool for the event.

This tournament happened only a week after the previous one organized by Asmongold and OTK (5000$ prize pool), and both finalist teams of this tournament received an invitation to PDD’s invitational.

– Rivah’s MLP (Hydra/Tazar)
– Mir’s RLP (Klimp, Chas). 

For the record, Asmongold’s Invitational tournament was won by Hydra/Tazar/Rivah’s team. You can watch the Grand Final BO5 games on Rivah’s YouTube video.

For this tournament, each team was also able to pick a fourth player allowing team composition modifications in between the phases to bring more variety and options to the competitors. Mir’s team invited Leekzy, former mage pro player, and Rivah’s invited Gucci, a french R1 druid player.

The tournament was hosted by PDD on his live stream channel on Douyu.com (the Chinese equivalent of Twitch).

Mir team’s composition

A short recap of Mir’s team composition.

Chas from Method – Disc Priest player.
Blizzcon Champion in WoW Arena (AWC) 2019 alongside Whaazz, Raiku, and Swapxy.

Leekzy – Frost Mage
Former WoW professional player.

Klimp – Warlock
Rank 1 BC Warlock Player, well known from the BC private server community, and Mir’s Warlock/Rogue partner in 2v2.

The phases

During the tournament, Mir’s team faced several emblematic 3v3 team compositions played by great players of the Chinese scene. Alternating between RMP and RLP, they made it through the winner bracket with only one loss until the Grand Finals.

Here’s the recap of their games:

Tour 1: RLP vs RMP (William Famo Cocoing)  2-1
Tour 2: RMP vs WMD (Dragon Ppdd Monsterao) 2-0
Semi-Finals: RLP vs RMP (Durant, Guinshao, Ptp) 2-1

The Grand final

Grand Final: RLP vs PLD (Turtle lock: Hydra, Tazar, Gucci) 3-0

Rivah’s team boasted a huge comeback, all the way through the Loser’s Bracket, to reach the Grand Finals – where we would see the two EU titans face off against each other.
Mir vs Rivah, Klimp vs Tazar, Hydra vs Chas. What a great way to close out this tournament series by offering Mir a rematch opportunity after his loss in the Asmongold Tournament.

Mir’s RLP team started with a 1-0 advantage because they were the grand finalists from the winner bracket. This made a huge impact on Rivah’s team when they decided which team they’d play with for the grand final BO5. They finally opted for playing as double healer + warlock as they felt it was safer for them to deal with Mir’s RLP. But they actually weren’t expecting Klimp to come up with a very consistent Unstable Affliction specialization to counter Hydra’s dispels, creating more opportunities for them to set up their pressure together with Mir.

The Grand Final’s first game was intense and the longest game of this short series (more than 4 minutes) during which Mir proved once more that he was a brilliant player, mixing his great decision-making with confidence, prediction (Cloaking Hydra’s Fear), and smart cooldown use. After a long game during which they alternatively swapped between the Tazar and Hydra priest, they finally set up their kill window with Mir’s second Blind (used on Hydra) which allowed the RLP to finish off Tazar. 2-0

The second game lasted barely more than one minute after Mir’s first opener. An intense minute during which they focused their pressure on Gucci with an ideal opener (Step Cheap Shot on Gucci, followed by Blind on Hydra which he trinketed into a nice Deathcoil+Fear from Klimp. Later on, Gucci used his PVP trinket on Mir’s second Kidney, but Hydra probably made a wrong move by casting mana burns on Chas and took a full Fear from Klimp, allowing the RLP to finish off Gucci who died from the insane pressure (DoTs, 5x wounds, no NS, and no healing options). 3-0

Congratulations to the 4 champions of this team, this victory was well deserved and after this, the teams are now tied in the tournament series with one victory each! Let’s hope that we’ll get the opportunity to watch them facing each other a third time to decide which team of these two is the best! 

If you missed the tourney, with the agreement of Mir, we uploaded the 2 games from the Grand Final 👇

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