There is a lot of content created inside the BC Classic rogue community and you may have missed some of them, so we started a new series of articles that will cover this topic each month. Here’s our September playlist.

Silent Shadows on YouTube

Silent Shadows’ youtube channel is meant to share content from every rogue that wants to share his content with the community.
We usually pair each video with an article in Rogue Life to illustrate our content but sometimes, it’s simply about sharing various player’s content
This month, we want to thank Reklez and Nahj for providing us with great content and Interviews.

Interview with Reklez

Community figures

If you are not following them yet as a PVP player, I strongly suggest you do so right now.
Mir and Petraxs are at the peak of their performance every time they’re playing on their respective streaming channel, and their videos are both entertaining and true lessons of gameplay against the elite of EU players.
In the NA community, this month Payo & Pikaboo partnered again on Payo’s youtube, and as usual, it’s extremely pleasing to watch. Nahj also released some games from his last week’s push. They’re all great entertainers and definitely deserve a watch!





PVP Community members

On our Discord, we’ve got a pretty nice pool of creative and talented players. This month different videos at different levels were shared, starting from 2k, to infernal gladiator ranks. Keep em coming!

Hakkeladen & Vayd

Strain & Vill


PVE Community members

September was less prolific in terms of video creations, nonetheless, with the release of Phase 2 raids, we already got the pleasure to watch Delty going with world #1 parse on several bosses. He shares his content on our discord pretty often, so make sure to join our discord (with more than 10K members)
Speaking of parse, Simon released a video to cover this topic recently, and our friend Sarthe also took time to talk about Rod Of the Sun King, the must-have weapon for rogue during phase 2!

Simon & Sarthe


And this is it, here’s my selection of September’s video based on our YouTube subscription, and Discord video channel ⚡

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