There is a lot of content created inside the BC Classic rogue community and you may have missed some of them during the summer. This is why we’re starting a new series of articles that will cover this topic each month. Here’s our August playlist.

Silent Shadows on YouTube

Silent Shadows’ youtube channel is meant to share content from every rogue that wants to share his content with the community.
We usually pair each video with an article in Rogue Life to illustrate our content.
This month, we want to thank Simon and Booch for providing us with great article and videos contribution:
Hemo PVE spec (written By Simon)
SV Gold farm guide (written by Booch)

Community figures


Mir is the current highest rogue in the world on Burning Crusade Classic. You can find him streaming almost daily on TWITCH with Raiku (RM) and Uzb (DPR)
For more info, check his profile page.


Petraxs is the second-highest rogue in the world. Playing Feral/Rogue at 3K rating, he’s streaming on Twitch almost every day and started releasing a series of weekly videos on his YouTube channel.

He also released his first content on his alt character (08/30/21) : INSANE GAME versus WARRIOR DRUID with GREEN GEAR

Petraxs is a long-time friend and member of SIlent Shadows and before the release of BC Classic, he kindly contributed to our 2020 video series “5 minutes with” as Druid/Rogue.


For sure one of the funniest rogue to watch on Classic, Payo keeps entertaining us on Burning Crusade with even more videos on his Youtube!

Rogues from the community



Various rogues








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PVE, Parse, Theorycraft Content



Various rogue

Kiwii x Isolate




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