Since the release of the website, Silent Shadows received massive support from the TBC community and rogue players more generally. During January (second month of launch) we reached 10 000 sessions (from 7 000 players) and got highlighted by dozens of streamers, content creators, and also invited for two podcasts.

This is absolutely crazy and motivates the whole team to continue delivering content to make this place the home of all TBC rogue addicts.

Just like WoW Classic, The Burning Crusade is one of the most beloved expansions in the whole game history and most players are already preparing their journey through it to make sure they’ll have the best experience.
On Google and YouTube, you may find a lot of content creators who kindly share their knowledge to help players to get started with TBC Classic.

Here is a selection of channels we recommend you to follow as they are delivering great content as well as supporting us.


BiosparkTV is a content creator that delivers quality videos dedicated to PvP’ers. His channel deep dives into 3v3 arena team compositions to help TBC newcomers to pick their favorite comp and acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses.

He started this YouTube project quite recently and reviewed 4 comps so far which you could find interesting as they’re the most popular 3v3 team compositions of TBC:

– RMP: Rogue, Mage, Priest
– WLD: Warrior, Lock, Druid
– Shadowplay: Shadow Priest, Affliction Warlock, Shaman
– PHD: Priest Hunter Druid.

He brings interesting insights and one can see that he is investigating a lot to deliver a proper analysis of each setup detailed in his videos.

He also took time to shoutout Silent Shadows in his PHD video which is super appreciated! ?


Toyhouze is a very professional content creator that supported us even before the launch of our website. If you check out his channel, you will find a lot of useful information to prepare for your TBC adventure. Be it PVE, PVP, reputation, professions, class picking, or even gold farming, this man’s channel has it all covered. His audience is growing pretty fast and proves his content to be useful for the community, and that is why we highly recommend checking his channel if you want to be prepared for TBC Classic.

Thanks a lot again for taking time to talk about our community in your TBC Rogue Class review video!


Kargoz and his fellow co-host Crix are doing weekly TBC podcasts and always make sure to bring cool guests to deep dive on every aspects of TBC classes and specs, itemization, mechanics, but also talk about more specific topics like PVP, arenas class overviews, tanking overviews etc. Big supporters of Silent Shadows, they also took time to promote our community during their Rogue Class deep dive podcast

If you look for a good place to start learning the curves of The Burning Crusade, Kargoz’ channel is definitely one of the greatest spot to collect information.


“Hello ladies and gentlemen, WillE here…”

If you never heard of him before, you might fall in love with this content creator. WillE is one of the most dedicated WoW Classic youtubers with almost 27M views and 90K subscribers to date on his channel. For two years now, WillE has released a lot of useful Classic WoW videos, from Guides, Class info, leveling tips, or also top 10’s and investigations. He recently started to focus more specifically on Classic TBC content, and this is a perfect occasion to discover his channel if you never watched his videos before.

👉 Playlist

Massive thank you WillE for talking about our community in your Rogue video. 👇

This means a lot 🙏.

Bonus for the Frenchies: Kami Labs

Kami is an experienced French player from retail who was a gladiator from season 1 to season 4. Very respected among the community, he has a great knowledge and experience and he shares it every week in a video about Classic TBC.

And so many TBC rogue streamers to follow!

We also want to give a massive thank you to all the Classic and TBC rogue streamers that help us to get visibility by hosting a Silent Shadows banner on their bio, or Twitch overlay.

Let’s start with Perplexity, an amazing rogue player, with a great experience, knowledge, and a lot of passion for PvP. We’re super excited about having a chance to see him playing arenas once TBC Classic is released.

There are also two nice rogues that deserve a follow:

Zhilex, a TBC rogue veteran well known from the old Arena Tournament community.

The French PvP scene also has a great rogue player in the name of
Wuehgros, a great french rogue that will shine for sure when Classic TBC will be released.

We are super proud to support all the content creators listed here and if you’re streaming Classic and/or TBC rogue content,  feel free to ask your banner to support the community!
This being said, our next news will hopefully cover the announcement of Classic TBC during Blizzconline. (2 weeks left!) Until then, take care!